Trucos para GTA 2 (PC)
Todo los trucos y consejos de GTA2 - Trucos para GTA 2 (PC) Consejos

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Todo los trucos y consejos de GTA2
Trucos para GTA 2 (PC)


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Trucos para GTA 2 (PC)

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Grand Theft Auto 2, un juego muy bicioso, pero... NO ME LO PUEDO PASAR!! Pues prueba con alguno de estos trucos, aqui estan todos los q existen, y ademas hay algun consejo, q mas quieres?? El idioma?? Vamos, hombre, q tampoco hay q ser intelectual para comprender lo q pone!!!



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Cheat mode:


Enter GOURANGA as a name to enable cheat mode. Then, enter

one of the following names before starting a level to

activate the corresponding cheat function.

Note: Some codes may only work in the North American

version, while others may only work in the European


Effect Name


10 million points BIGSCORE

5x multiplier HIGHFIVE

99 lives CUTIE1

All bonus Levels TUMYFROG

All 3 cities BEMEALL or UKGAMER

All levels, weapons, God mode IAMASUCKER


All weapons with full ammo GODOFGTA

Flame thrower FLAMEON

Electric ray gun VOLTFEST

Double damage power-up SCHURULZ

Invisible HUNSRUS

Respect from three gangs MADEMAN

Small cars FISHFLAP

Debug basic scripts NO FRILLS

Display coordinates WUGGLES

Free shopping EATSOUP


Hamster runs across screen MEATMAN

Increased brutality BEEFCAKE

Invisibility HUNSRUS

Keep weapons after arrest ARSESTAR

Level select ITSALLUP

Maximum wanted level DESIRES

More gore GOREFEST


People more aggressive BUCKFAST

"Elvis clan" people LASVEGAS

Naked people NEKKID

$200,000 DANISGOD


$9,999,999 IAMDAVEJ

1. Can still be arrested.

2. Save the game, exit, then resume to gain an additional

$500,000 as long as your name remains the same.



Leave a car at the dump to receive the corresponding


Car Power-Up:


Aniston BD4 -Jail Free Card

Beamer- Flame Thrower

Big Bug- Machine Gun

B-Type- Invulnerability

Bug- Machine Gun

Dementia- Invisibility

Miar-a Rocket Launcher

Michelli Roadster - Machine Gun

Minx - ElectroFingers

Police Car - Cop Bribe

Romero - Armor

Schmidt - Health

Shark - Molotov Cocktails

Taxi - Double Damage

U-Jerk - Truck Machine Gun

Z-Type - Silenced Machine Gun

Bonus level:


Collect all the GTA 2 Shields and to play the 3.Special


Getting rid of cops:


Go to the territory of what ever gang you are working for

and they will shoot them for you.



When you enter muchcash you get 500000$,when you start

the level.Then save the game and quit the level.Then load

from saved status and now you have 500000$ more than before

on our account.You can do the trick often you want.

-submitted by

Tune radio:


While driving a car that has a radio, press Up to change


Weird Cars:


There are several ways to make a few different cars look weird.

Hot Dog Train: Burp/fart 17 times (press tab while on foot)

then walk exactly 10 steps north. Turn to the east and jump

forward 3 times. Now when you got to a train, the cars will

be hotdogs.

Psychadelic Gang Cars: Repeat the first 2 steps as you would

for the train code, but instead of turning east, turn west

and jump forward only once, now the gang cars will be flashing

different colors.

Good Humor Truck (pistol required): Make sure you are facing

north, take exactly 15 steps backwards. Shoot the first person

you see that walks onto the screen from the north, you need to

hit him with one and only one bullet. Now all of the ice-cream

trucks will look like traditional good humor vans.



Hint 1:


The cops can be your friend, especially when you're in

rival gang territory and you need some additional firepower.

Make sure there's a cop around when the gang attacks you.

As long as you don't shoot back, the police will attack

the rival gang, effectively providing you with cover.

Hint 2:


Weapon pickups regenerate. If you're not under a time limit,

hang out until a weapon respawns, then pick it up for more


Hint 3:


Collect the little GTA2 logos to unlock bonus missions.

Hint 4:


Be on the lookout for ramps. To see where the ramps lead,

get a good head start to build up some speed. They almost

always send you somewhere that has a special bonus.